Advanced Fuel Injection Clean and Test

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If you own a boat or you have done some research and are looking to purchase one, you know it is a worthwhile investment. Boats are not cheap and you need to make sure that you are ready to take care of one properly. Owning a boat is very much like owning a car. If you do not take care of it, the quality of the product will decrease and you may experience mechanical issues with it. When it comes to owning a boat, there are a lot of maintenance tips you need to follow in order to keep your boat performing at a high level. One of the best boat dealers near Tampa can provide boat services such as a fuel injector cleaning. At Boat and Motor Superstores, you can entrust your boat with our team of boat repair specialists.


What Is A Fuel Injection Cleaning?


Boat engines do not start with a turn of the key anymore. It idles and surges until it is in full throttle. If you already having boating problems when the boating season starts,your engine’s fuel injectors may be dirty or clogged with stale fuel that has dried. A fuel injector cleaner is used to clean out all of the dirt, debris, and buildup in your fuel system and clean out the old fuel. If your fuel system is clogged due to bad fuel or debris, it can damage other parts of the engine. This domino effect can then lead to deteriorating performance, lowered fuel economy, and a complete engine shutdown.


By having this cleaning, it will improve your engine performance and gas mileage. Boat dealers near Tampa will tell you that every boat’s engine has a fuel system with a fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injectors. These components work together to make sure that the fuel travels from your fuel tank to your engine’s fuel injectors which runs perfectly through the engine. This then allows the right amount of fuel and air mixture to combust so your boat can power up. Debris may build up in the wake of your boat’s waves and things such as seaweed can become caught in your propellers. Other dirt and debris can actually build up from the water and be transferred to your engine.


Why Do I Need One?


You need a fuel injector cleaning because the filter, the fuel pump, and the injectors are all a part of an interconnected in which the parts can become clogged with dirt and debris. You should have this cleaning once a year (if there are no issues beforehand) because dirt and debris will inevitably build up in your boat engine. If you let it build up too much, you can experience serious boat issues and have to spend a lot of money on parts. If you maintain your boat’s services on the proper schedule, you should have few to no problems.


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It is important that you keep up with your boat’s maintenance because if you do not, you will experience a slew of issues. The last thing you want to do is spend money on the purchase of a boat and then have to spend money to fix a series of problems. At Boat and Motor Superstores, we can perform all of your boating services and you can feel comfortable with our highly certified technicians. Make sure you have a fuel injector cleaning performed once a year at our boat shop. To find out more about fuel injector cleanings, contact one of the bet boat dealers near Tampa at 727-942-7767 or visit our website at

Twins Vs. Triples Boat Engines

Boats for sale Tampa (Palm Harbor)When you are deciding on a boat, you will not only be making a decision but you will be making an investment. It is vital that you proceed with research before purchasing anything! The last thing you want to do is buy something you don’t absolutely love. When you are spending money on a boat, you really want to obtain the most for your money. Also, Boat and Motor Superstores wants you to air on the side of caution because if you are purchasing a boat, you need to make sure that it not only looks good, but that it works as well. Whether you are a boating expert or this is your first boat purchase, we are here to guide you through your purchase. Boating is a lifestyle to a lot of people and they spend good money to support their marine life. Especially being in Florida, it is so convenient to inquire about boats for sale Tampa (Palm Harbor) residents love. When they say people live on the water, they aren’t joking. Florida offers beautiful beaches for all sorts of boating activities. Palm Harbor is a great place to purchase your boat.


If you are not well versed in what type of boat you should be purchasing or what type of engine will benefit your needs, our experts can help you determine exactly what you should be looking for and guide you in the right direction so you are not overwhelmed. One type of boat engine you may hear about is called a twin engine. There are quite a few things to look at when you are examining a twin boat engine. The size and the weight of the boat will determine the amount of horsepower you need. This can also be determined by how you plan to use the boat. Some features of twin boat engines when looking for boats for sale Tampa (Palm Harbor) mariners trust include:

  • Less weight
  • Easy operating system
  • Minimal fuel
  • Minimal maintenance


Palm Harbor is a great place to start your boat search. Boat and Motor Superstores offers high quality expertise for all of your boating needs. When you are focusing on what type of engine you want to have, a choice you may consider is a triple engine. This will provide you with more horsepower than a twin engine so if you are looking to do water sports, this may be the engine you choose. Some things to consider when choosing an engine include the maintenance and the cost of fuel (fuel burns fast). Also, there are extra costs involved with a triple engine because the boat is 500 lbs heavier just with this engine so you will end up paying more for the engine through maintenance and fueling costs.

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Do not be discouraged when you are having a hard time finding exactly what you need and come into Boat and Motor Superstores for assistance. We offer boats for sale Tampa (Palm Harbor) consumers rely on and living around the Palm Harbor area in beautiful, sunny weather, will allow for you purchase a boat at your convenience. Call us today at 727-942-7767 or visit our website


Explore Our Trailer Inventory As a Top Rated Boat Trader


By exploring our trailer inventory at Boat and Motor Superstores, you can gather tons of information about ideal boat accessories that can provide big benefits during fishing trips and casual adventures out on the water. However, if the process of picking a proper trailer for a specific kind of boat seems like a hassle, you may be able to simplify everything if several things are considered while examining each producta boat trader offers many trailers. The top rated boat trader (Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor) is here to help you!


Before picking any trailer at our boat trader, review the manual for your boat and determine its weight. This information will help you select a proper trailer which can transport the boat effectively and efficiently without major safety risks. All trailers have a gross vehicle rating, which is a calculation that determines the maximum weight that can be supported during towing situations. When manufacturers give a trailer this rating, they always include the:

  • Engine weight
  • Boat weight
  • Gear weight
  • Fuel weight

Because safety matters to Boat and Motor Superstores, during long towing jobs, you should always pick a trailer that has a higher gross vehicle weight rating than is needed. A gross rating that’s at least 15 percent higher will ensure total safety on the road.


Trailers at Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor are designed with a single axle or multiple axles. If you’re trying to spend less money, a product that has one axle is the best choice. When compared to multiple-axle trailers, single-axle units are very inexpensive and don’t require a lot of maintenance. Also, the process of starting a trip while using a single-axle trailer is easier because the wheels will roll along the driveway manually without any hassle. If your property has many narrow spots that are tough to access, you’ll have no problems guiding a trailer with one axle out of the driveway and into the road. On properties that lack obstacles, a trailer with several axles can be beneficial. Although this trailer needs more maintenance, the strategically placed axles boost safety by increasing handling after a tire blows out.

Night Features

If you plan to take boating trips that will last for many hours, you’ll need a trailer with bright lights. LED lights are the best lighting options for trailers because they’re durable and can handle frequent water splashes and heavy rain. Also, throughout long towing situations, LED lights won’t dramatically drain power from a vehicle’s electrical system.


In order to enhance mobility when the road conditions aren’t ideal, your trailer must have proper tires. According to boating experts, radial tires at boat and motor superstores provide better benefits than bias-ply wheels. When bias-ply tires roll on a pavement or road, the sidewall along each tube flexes, and this process leads to slipping. Also, because bias-ply tires are smaller, they don’t provide good grip during situations when handling is vital.


A trailer’s structural design can impact performance and reliability on the road. If you’re going to use a trailer often, pick a product that’s constructed out of galvanized steel. This kind of steel is very strong and doesn’t corrode easily in rainy environments. If most trips will be done near freshwater, a painted steel structure from our top rated boat trader should be considered instead.
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Searching For Mercury Engines From Boat Dealers Near Tampa

boat dealers near Tampa

If you are someone who likes to go boating, than let Boat and Motor Superstores help you find a good engine for your boat from our boat dealers near Tampa (Palm Harbor). A reliable engine helps to ensure a long and safe time when on the water. Modern Mercury engines are designed to have low noise, so you can enjoy the sounds of the lake and people talking around you more. Mercury engines are also coated with special paint so that they do not fail due to corrosion after you have had your boat for a long time.

Supercharged Boat Engines

New Mercury engine models are also supercharged. A supercharger forces lots of air into the combustion system of the Mercury engine so that it delivers more power than other boat engines that do not have a supercharger. Boat dealers near Tampa (Palm Harbor) want to help you buy a boat engine that is useful and powerful. Boat and motor superstores give buyers the opportunity to shop around for what product is best for their budget.

Small new Mercury engines are retailing for several thousand dollars. The price of a boat engine depends on how new it is and how reliable it is. Boat dealers near Tampa (Palm Harbor) can find you a boat engine that fits your needs and is not too expensive. As boat engines become too large, they often are too expensive for the average buyer. That is why it is good to shop around at various dealerships to see who is carrying a good deal. Many dealers offer discounts on older engines that were not sold that year.

Customer Feedback On Mercury Engines

Mercury engines sometimes receive poor ratings from owners because of customer service problems. It is your responsibility as a buyer to make sure that you can obtain the help you need to keep your Mercury engine running strong. Your local dealership can help you if you inform them of your requirements. It is good to keep in mind the customer service availability of the manufacturer you buy from. The cost of ownership includes maintenance costs down the road. Boat dealers near Tampa (Palm Harbor) are familiar with issues that may be cropping up with boat engines. They can refer you to a particular model of Mercury engine that has better reliability. Generally, more parts on an engine increases the likelihood of failure.


Boat and Motor Superstores are a good place to go shopping for a Mercury engine because they have staff who can give you information about what engine models are more reliable. Mercury has a place on their web page where you can learn how to maintenance your engine. This will help you see if a Mercury engine will be a good fit for you. Contact us today to find out more about mercury engines! Call us at 727-942-7767 or visit our website!

Why Are Boat And Motor Superstores The Best Boat Dealers Near Tampa FL?

best boat dealers near tampa flBoat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor are Florida’s largest boat and consignment dealership on the West Coast! Most boat dealers near Tampa, FL don’t offer new, pre-owned, close-out, and trade-in options to this extent. We also service, store and detail boats, among many other things you can do here at Boat and Motor Superstores.

Buying a boat is a big deal, which is why you should look for the BEST boat dealers near Tampa (we are in Palm Harbor). Tired of looking? Boat and Motor Superstores is your best bet! We have nearly 30 years of experience in boat sales, parts and service. Our goal is to provide the most pleasant and professional experience for you while purchasing or servicing a boat. We are your best option for purchasing or servicing a boat because we are truly a one-stop-shop. We have so many boats for you to choose from. Pre-owned to new, small to large fishing boats. We service all brands of outboards and stern drives and have yearly or hourly service plans to fit your needs.

If you’re looking to sell a boat, we can help you with that too! Simply go to our website and fill out a form and someone will get in contact with you shortly.

If you’re looking to be a boat owner for the first time, we will help you choose the right boat at the right price. We know that buying a boat is a big purchase and we’re here to help. We offer aggressive financing rates and terms through well-established lenders and extended service protection plans. We know that buying a boat can be scary because of the cost, however, we also know it can be scary if you aren’t experienced with boats. If you are a first-time buyer we will first ask you your budget. Then we will talk to you about how you will use the boat…fishing, leisure, water sports, etc. When choosing a boat you need to determine which size you would like and consider how many passengers you see yourself having onboard.

When we say Boat and Motor Superstores offers it all, we mean it! Not only can you buy, sell and service boats, you can also store your boats! Store your boat at our state of the art marine facility where we offer fuel, marine parts, and certified service repairs. Your boat will be stored on a fenced lot with security and you can choose from wet or dry storage. Our location also provides great hurricane safety, which is important in Florida!

When searching for boat dealers near Tampa, FL Boat and Motor Superstores is truly your best option. We are conveniently located in Palm Harbor, FL. We want you to be happy with your purchase and help service and store your boat if you like. We differ from our competitors because we want you to be happy with your purchase for a long time. We’re not looking to make a quick sale.

Try It Before You Have It Delivered

All our customers are offered a test run with our Captain to make sure the boat performs up to the expectations of our customer as well as a thorough demonstration of all the features of the vessel.

We do not play the pricing game. All our boats are priced on our lot as well as our website. MOST dealers do not price their boats. The play the game to see what the customer will pay.

Still unsure? Check out our reviews by people just like you online. Clients honestly share about their experience working with us. Please visit our website for more information!