Best Boating Apps to Use From A Top Boat Dealer

Ever dream about spending an entire day baking in the sun relaxing on a boat, sipping lemonade. Ever dabbled with the idea of buying your own boat and taking it out on the open sea? Maybe even try fishing? A small worry that may hit your mind is safety. At Boat and Motor Superstore, we can help make that dream become a reality. Based out of Palm Harbor, we are the one stop boat dealer for all things nautical. We offer top of the line boats for sale Tampa can trust.  


There’s An App For That

We use our cell phones for everything. Why not use it to help us when we set sail? These handy devices can even save your life. Utilize our advice on boats for sale Tampa Bay.


The world we live in today runs on apps. Many are useful, some are pointless, but one thing is for sure. Everybody utilizes them. When it comes to boating, it isn’t anything different. We can use an app for that too. Here are some of our top choices to keep you safe on the water. By the way, some of them are even free.


The Boat Dealer Top Boating Apps

Who knows American water’s better than the United States Coast Guard? Lucky for us, they made an app to assist us too. In this app you can create a safety equipment checklist, request a free safety check for your vessel, file a float plan that you can share with others, and also reference navigation rules on the spot. It is also equipped with weather reports that are brought by their buoys located throughout the water.


The most important thing that one needs to consider while boating is the weather. Weather can make or break your boating experience if you are not prepared. As a sailor, angler, or powerboater, you must be sure to get the latest forecast updates. MyRadar can show you when a storm or squall is heading your way. It will tell you all the details you need to know including how long it will last and how heavy it will be. This app is developed by Aviation Data Systems and is completely free! When set up, your app will give you alerts to real-time wind speeds and temperatures.


Are you a knot expert? Do you wish to become one? Every sailor knows that in order to successfully take-on the open waters, you need to know how to tie a good knot. Animated Knots by Grog will help guide that perfect knot with step-by-step instructions and even animations to help assist. The cool thing about this app is the knots aren’t just for sailing. They can also be used in other applications such as climbing, fishing, rescue, household, etc. Think of this app as an encyclopedia of knots.


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