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Are you a fisherman who is looking for a quality boat for a cheap price? Sometimes simplicity is a perfect choice. Nothing too fancy, but just perfect. At Boat and Motor Superstore, we have a plethora of boats that you will love. This includes Alumacraft Boats. We off the best boats for sale Tampa.


Who Is Alumacraft Boats?

This boat company has been in business for over 70 years. That have proved themselves to have a huge presence in the fishing world. They offer everything from boats to canoes. Their boats virtually need no hull maintenance. They take pride in having a presence that is felt around the world. They offer boats that stay in the family generations and acts as a sort of memory making machine.


Alumacraft is all about family, friends, and fishing buddies. They want to be there for everyone in the boating community of boating and those who enjoy the peace and exhilaration of an afternoon on the water. Fishing is the genesis of their business and the core of their passion. Their boats are designed and built by fishing enthusiasts for fishing enthusiasts.


Manufacturing started small. Their first boat was the 12-foot Model B. It was a standard aluminum rowboat that sold well in conjunction with a selection of canoes and duck boats. As the market became more intricate and consumers became more demanding over the next few years, Alumacraft began innovating by listening. Soon they introduced the Merry M in 14’ and 16’ options and featured. It was the first vessel that featured our “dropped deck” interior look, due to our protruded aluminum gunwales. The boat featured amenities consumers desired and sold well. In 1957, they then released the Super C, which was a larger boat that came in three color combinations. It was an instant success and led to the company outgrowing its current facilities.


We Sell Alumacraft Boats

If you need a lighter weight Jon that’s tougher than most other jobs out there, look no further

  • 2017 Alumacraft 1236
    • $795.00
  • 2017 Alumacraft 1442 LW 15
    • $1,695.00
  • 2017 Alumacraft 1442 LW-15
    • Call for price
  • 2018 Alumacraft 1236
    • Call for price


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