Boat Show Season Is Here! Read About 2018’s Shows

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If you are interested in visiting a boat show, Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor, FL is here to tell you all about some of our upcoming shows. We have boats for sale Tampa Florida residents recommend for you and your family to take a look at today.

First Boat Show Of the Season

The first boat show here in Florida will take place in Miami. There will be a free entrance fee and special offers for you once you are inside. Whether you are interested in boats for sale Tampa, FL residents can enjoy or just browsing, you will get to see a wide variety of boats. The boat show in Miami will be taking place the weekend of February 15 to 19th, and if you are interested in an offer you come across, be sure to reach out to a professional to get the boat of your dreams before it is too late. You can also catch us at the Florida State Fairgrounds from March 2-4 and at Raymond James Stadium from March 24-25. Read More

A Boat is a Big Investment. How To Find the Perfect One

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When you are searching boats for sale Florida, Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor, FL can answer any and all questions that come to mind. Our boat dealers near Tampa can help you decide on the type of boat you need to fit your lifestyle and make for many family fun outings. Let us help you choose the right boat.

Many things come to mind when thinking about purchasing a boat. Ask yourself these questions and then come to us for the answers and your future purchase needs.

What Type of Boat

Something to consider is how you are going to use your boat, and the way you will want to use it. Boats are specialized toward certain needs and should be picked depending on how you want to use your boat. If you plan on fishing a lot or just cruising around on the water, these are things to consider when choosing the type of boat you would like to buy. You will want to know what type of storage you need and the amount of space you want your boat to have so you can hold your friends and family, along with all your supplies. Read More

Trade In & Buy a Used Boat in 2018

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If you are looking to trade In and buy a used boat in 2018, Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor, FL is the place to check out. You can trade in boats, speak to a professional about details, and see what type of boats we have to offer. You can trust us to help you get the best deal on a boat trader deal and send you home with a smile on your face!

Trade in Boats with Boat and Motor Superstores

The time of year to trade in boats is the fall. If you wait until springtime, you will be fighting all the boaters for the right price. Know when to make moves and you will get the best price and advice for being a boat trader. Boat and Motor Superstores knows can look at what you are trading in, and talk to you about what you want and make sure you get the deal of the season. We sell many brands of boats and can offer used or new boats for all customers. It is important to us that you find the perfect boat for all you needs. 2018 should be the year for you to find everything you want and need, let us supply you with the boat you have been searching for. Read More

Secrets to Winterizing Your Florida Boat

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If you are worried about the colder weather and need winterizing boat tips, have no fear, Boat and Motor Superstores can help you figure out what you need to do to keep your boat in the best shape during the Florida “winter” season. We have boats for sale Tampa (Palm Harbor) boat lovers will truly enjoy. For your convenience, if you would like to ask us any questions about other services we offer simply call or come in today to find out everything you need to know. Check out these tips to winterizing your boat today. Read More

How To Prepare Your Boat For Colder Weather in Florida

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Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor, FL has some of the best boat maintenance services you could need for your boat during the colder weather months in Florida. Boat dealers near Tampa, FL have a lot to offer and can help you keep your boat in the best condition possible while you are not using it.  We can keep your boat in storage and make sure it is cleaned and well kept while you are away or just not using your boat. Let us keep your boat safe!


The cold weather in Florida can last anywhere from two to four months depending on your exact location. It is important to winterize your boat and to make sure it is taken care of while you’re not using it for a long period of time. Make sure you do not try to do everything yourself. Boat and Motor Superstores has a staff who is ready to help as boat maintenance is hands on and should be at the top of your priority list this time of year. Read More

Your Boat is Waiting for You Snowbirds!

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Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor, FL is one of the best Boat dealers near Tampa, FL. We are the boat storage near me you have been searching for. Due to our high security rates and fair pricing, we guarantee you will want to store your boat with us while you are up north for the summer. It will be in great shape and ready for you when you return!

Boat Storage Near Me

Looking for boat storage near me before leaving to head up north? Well, Boat and Motor Superstores offers wet or dry storage for boats up to 12,000 lbs and our location is hurricane safety approved! What more could you ask for in boat storage while you are away. You have to consider the pricing of our introductory pricing with no long term contracts or hidden fees. When you return for the winter months, we offer you the comforting feeling of knowing your boat is safe and sound where you left it. Not only can we store your boat, but we can also offer fuel, marine parts, and services repairs. Our location has the best line of security so you can be sure that your boat is in the right hands and being taken care of all time of the day. Boat dealers near Tampa, FL like Boat and Motor Superstores that offer boat storage with security at such high standards are not something to pass up. Read More

The Portable Yamaha 25 HP & 351CC Ballistic Are Now Available Boat And Motor Superstores!

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Boat and Motor Superstores located in Palm Harbor, FL has new boats for sale! We understand the boating life and how important it is to look good out on the water. We offer many boating services and dockside assistance so that you do not have to bring your boat to our Palm Harbor location. We can come to wherever you may be and help you. When you need help finding the right boat for your lifestyle, Boat and Motor Superstores can help you decide, just reach out to us! Check out our Palm Harbor boat sales and boats for sale near Tampa FL! Read More

Is It Time To Repower Your Outboard?

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Buying a new boat seems pricey for many, but there are options. One of them being repowering your current Outboard motor and making it better. Boat and Motor Superstores near Tampa, FL is here to make that possible. Repowering your boat is a great way to extend the life of the vessel, however, it is important to talk to a dealer before making such big decisions like repowering a boat. Outboard motors for sale are quite easy to find when you know where to look. Boat dealers near Tampa are here to make your boat feel like new and find all the pieces to create the boat of your dreams! Read More

What To Look For In A Boat When Buying From A Dealership

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Premier Boat Dealers of Tampa and Palm Harbor

When buying a boat, it is important to have all the facts. Boat and Motor Superstores in Palm Harbor is here to help guide you in the right direction. Boat and Motor Superstores has over 30 years of experience with boat sales and boat dealers can lead you in the right direction of purchasing the perfect. We have received national recognition for our boat sales and services and take much pride in the feedback our customers give when satisfied with a new or used boat purchase. It is important to us that our customers trust in us as a boat dealer to find them exactly what they are looking for. Read More

Store Your Boat Safely During a Hurricane

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Looking for boat storage near me?

Looking for a new home for your boat? Give Boat and Motor Superstores a try in Tarpon Springs FL! Obtain everything you may need in one safe location. Need fuel, parts, or a repair? We’ve got it all and more. We are here to help you buy, store or service the boat you have. Your boat is in the best of hands and we will do everything we can to make sure you are pleased with our services and or storage options. Living in Florida can bring unnecessary stress and worry due to unknown weather conditions, however, Boat and Motor Superstores is here to help keep your boat protected.   Read More