Boat and Motor Superstores Boat Detailing Services

Boat Detailing
Boat and Motor Superstores offers several levels of Detail Services. These levels are designed to accommodate all of our customers needs at a price to fit anyone's budget.

Our level one boat wash offered @ $4.00 per foot includes:

  • Complete wash and chamois dry inside and out (using boat soap with Carnuba Wax)
  • Clean all hatches and compartments
  • Chamois all windows and stainless steel (to prevent spotting)

Our level two boat wash offered @ $ 8.00 per foot includes
all three level one services, plus:

  • Remove rust stains from hull
  • Polish all stainless steel surfaces including (ladders ,bow rails, T-tops & fittings)
  • Condition all leather, vinyl and plastic including ( combing pads, seats, dash and cushions)
  • Acetone rubrails

Our level three complete detail offered @ $ 14.00 per foot includes
all seven level one and two services plus:

  • A one step buff and wax using a high speed buffer
Boat Detailing in Palm Harbor Florida

Our level four complete detail offered @ $ 18.00-$ 22.00 per foot
includes all level one and two services, plus:

  • Complete compound of all gelcoat surfaces using a high speed buffer ( to remove oxidation and previous wax)
  • Complete wax of all gelcoat surfaces using a high quality marine grade wax, designed to enhance the gelcoat
*Detail results will vary based on age and condition of your vessel. Every attempt will be made to bring out the highest quality detail possible in accordance with the level of detail service performed. Other services offered:
  • Pressure wash without growth (barnacles) quote $100.00 min
  • Pressure wash with growth ( barnacles) quote $ 200.00 min
  • Pontoon sponson polish
    • Outside of tubes only $12.00 per foot
    • Complete sponsons $20.00 per foot
    • Extra charge for tritoon QUOTE